Swamp-burgh is Sunday, March 12 in Duluth! 


Links:  MatchPlayIFPA  

Players must pre-register for the tournament here. Registration opens at noon on March 5, and is open to the first 24 players (with a standby list).

Time: noon-1pm practice, 1pm start

Location: Please email me for the tournament address

Food: Burgers, grilled chicken, fries, possibly chili, beer, soft drinks  

Entry fee: $25 cash or PayPal 

Tournament Format


Pinburgh is gone, but we can still relive its glory! Swamp-Burgh's three qualifying rounds will follow the familiar Pinburgh format, with each group of 4 players staying together to play matches on 4 games from different eras. Scoring is 7-5-3-1 for 4-player games and 7-4-1 for 3-player games.


Top half of the field will play in four-player group elimination match play with two players from each group advancing. There will be a maximum of eight players in the first round, with remaining players receiving a 1st round bye. The finals will use the same qualifying banks with the highest seed in each group choosing 1 bank and 1 machine to remove from the bank. The highest seed will choose order on the first game played. Players will choose order based on their finish for all other games (4th place chooses first, then 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st).

Banks (subject to change):


Game of Stones